I am a passionate teenage movie reviewer based in Australia and I love movies. My posts are from the view of a film buff to other lovers of the big screen, so I hope you’ll enjoy reading my reviews!

My love for cinema and movies originated at a very young age and I’ve always dreamed of inspiring others to appreciate movies too. My favourite movies include American Beauty, Moonrise KingdomAmelie, Chocolat, The Prestige, The Notebook, Rain ManSpotlight and Life is Beautiful, amongst many many others.

If you have any suggestions, comments or feedback on my writing please let me know! Thank you for your support of what I love love love doing xxx



16 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Arena,

    This is a great start to a great blog. I went through it and really liked it. You write well, very clear and precise!

    If you are interested, check out my own review blog. It’s been up for a month, and you might enjoy it. If you like it, join the blog.


    • Hi there!

      Thank you for your support! Its great to hear you like my blog 🙂

      Your blog is fantastic! Very detailed and it shows you have great talent, keep up the good work!

      All the best,

  2. Hi, I was just taking a look around your site, as promised from your initial visit to mine and naturally I welcome your visit anytime. Really like the stuff your writing and the look is very neat too, good choice of template. Anyway, good luck and I hope you’re still enjoying it, I will look to take a look around as much as poss…

  3. Hi, thanks for you kind words on my Blog. I really like the look of your too and am now subscribed.

    Just a thought, it would be great if you could add an archive of past reviews in case we miss any.

  4. I like your site. I am a big movie buff as well. I also really like Australia. Where in Australia are you? I would love to one day take a train ride from Sydney to Perth and see the outback, which has always fascinated me. Have you seen any classic Australian movies? There are some really good ones including ‘Wake in Fright’ and ‘Dead Calm’ with Nicole Kidman. I have reviewed those movies on my site and you may want to check them out as they are really good. Also, I like that name Arena. Is that your real name? It is certainly an interesting and unique one. Keep up the great work. Nice to see teenagers who like both old and new movies.

    • Queensland! 🙂
      Thank you so much for all of your positive feedback, it’s very appreciated. I will definitely check out your site 🙂
      Yes that’s my real name and I believe I am the only teenager I know who’s likes to write in their spare time 😉

    • Thank you so much! My aim is to keep totally awesome people like you entertained and updated in the film world! 🙂
      Favourite movies include Amelie, LIfe is Beautiful, The Great Gatsby, Forrest Gump, Les Miserables and so many more! Least favourite include Life of Pi and very few others.
      All i have to say is that I have a very wierd taste in films and it doesn’t take a lot to impress me! 🙂

  5. I love the design of this blog and the content is incredible, but have you stopped writing posts? I only see one for December 17th (Interstellar) :c
    You should continue! Your an amazing writer, I look forward to you continuing (If you do!)

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