Passengers (2016)


Riding on the wave of its endless space film predecessors, Passengers is shaping up to be the most criticised film of this year thus far. Carried by its happier conception of human nature, Passengers builds on a lively journey of faith and determination but lacks the grit and heart.

Chris Pratt is Jim Preston, a completely ordinary engineer who is emigrating from Earth on a mega-spaceship, in order to start a new life on planet Homestead II – a pure and entirely empty new world. Like the 4,999 other passengers aboard the ship, Jim is sleeping in a suspended hibernation pod, awaiting the 130 year journey to deliver him to paradise. But after an unprecedented meteor whack, he is awake 90 years too early left to wander the spacecraft wide-eyed and panicked .. until (plot twist) he discovers the sparkling Aurora.

Screenwriter Jon Spaihts appears with Passengers as first sole feature credit, after contributing to recent blockbusters Doctor Strange and Prometheus. Here, Spaihts borrows liberally from Kubrick, in their shared love of exploring large creepy interiors. But after exploring Jim’s outrageous ghost house situation, the film has to move on to an inevitable climax – and a rather underwhelming one at that. The glue of the film is undoubtedly in Jennifer Lawrence, as Aurora, who plants her roots cheerfully in her doom. This unfolding love story is credit to the exceptional chemistry between Pratt and Lawrence, thrown against a visually stylish backdrop of space.

Passengers grows on its audience – those of whom are inevitably captured by a large dose of romance and a small sprinkle of space dilemmas. Because of course, as we all know, what is a space film without a mysterious technical malfunction that shatters the very core of humanity. I definitely won’t be going to Earth V2 anytime soon.


Imdb – 7.1/10 Rotten Tomatoes – 31%


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