Romantics Anonymous ~ An Odd Twist On True Love (2012)

Romantics Anonymous is a bittersweet tale of true love between two pathologically shy chocolate makers. I was pleasantly surprised by the genuine affection and charming humor displayed from the quirky characters throughout the film. Award winning director Jean-Pierre Améris plays with terrifying emotions, misfits and good old-fashioned romance to create this perky retake on everlasting love.

Angélique, a saucy-eyed beauty with a halo of curls, is a gifted chocolatier who is so meek that the merest compliment makes her faint. To build up her confidence she regularly attends 12-step meetings for people who struggle with anxiety disorders. Her male counterpart, Jean-René, is the middle-aged owner of a chocolate shop drowning in debt. Jean-René is afraid to answer his telephone, listens to encouraging tapes at night and regularly visits a therapist. The desirous pair meets when he hires Angélique as a sales representative. The pair embark on a series of failed dates, misread signals and anxiety attacks.

The acting quality is superb. Isabelle Carré is perfect as the wide-eyed Angélique, determined to overcome her insecurities. Benoît Poelvoorde is a refreshing twist on prince charming, a creative character who reveals his charming flaws throughout the film.

The cinematography by Gérard Simon has the palette of a chocolate box; it’s a combination of dark hues and silver highlights that make the real-world location of hotels, factories and streets look like a studio fantasy – rich and beautiful. The films upbeat sense of potential seems earned and its style, seductive.

Romantics Anonymous is an artistic romance with outstanding production, creative cinematography and brilliant actors. Romance blossoms in an unusual way and the unique humour is ironically amusing. If you embrace Romantics Anonymous for what it is, you are sure to enjoy the film, particularly if you admire French romantic comedies.


10 thoughts on “Romantics Anonymous ~ An Odd Twist On True Love (2012)

  1. It really is a lovely film, isn’t it? I was so pleasantly surprised by it and long before the end credits rolled it had secured a spot as one of my treasured films. I think this and Amelie are probably my two favorite romantic films. Isabelle Carré is so warm and lovely in this film, and you hit it right on the head when you described the “genuine affection” of the two leads as they really had perfect chemistry throughout the movie.

  2. Yes it was a wonderful film! Glad to finally meet someone with a passion for French films 🙂
    I think its fantastic, so pleasantly romantic. Thank you for such positive feedback!
    Cheers! x

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I by no means profess to being a brilliant writer, but I love talking about film. This film was very charming. I love offbeat characters and quirk. This movie was pleasurable and different. Amelie is my #1 film. When life is bleak, I stick it in and things are just so much better. Thanks for a charming review.

    • I think you have unique talent and a wonderful blog! Films are my favourite topic and its great to meet new people with similar interests! Very quirky, yes I agree 🙂
      Thanks for the fantastic feedback, check back soon 😉 x

  4. Beautiful detailed review! I really enjoyed reading it and I hope there are plenty of reviews coming soon 🙂
    All the best with your fabulous blogging!!

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