500 Days of Summer – The Charming Summer Romance (2009)

(500) Days of Summer is a quirky American romance that designates a sweet yet realistic view of relationships that’s both refreshing and logical. Director Marc Webb plays with time and memories, much as the mind does when recalling the moments that make or break a relationship. (500) Days of Summer is the kind of film that will make believers have faith again – both in Hollywood and in love.

The plot is rather unusual and creative. Rather than simply recounting how boy meets girl and succeeding the stereotypical storyline, it attempts to answer some challenging questions about love. The film initiates on Day 1 when Tom meets his Boss’s new assistant Summer and falls for her instantly; but Day 488, a scene on a park bench which may specify the end of their flourishing relationship. The film remains in what appears as a backwards and forwards skipping pattern in the 500 day history of a wrecked love affair. These are Tom’s personal memories, and one’s memory can play dreadful tricks.

Director Marc Webb envisioned a romantic movie with an unsentimental collection of characters and events. Michael Weber’s perky, imaginatively structured screenplay is given supreme glamour with a clever split screen to show his expectation vs. reality when Tom tries to win Summer back. This delightful comedy floats between the intricacy of love, faith and true happiness.

With his crooked smile, thin physique and unbelievably deep voice Joseph Gordon-Levitt conceals his inner charm as introverted and love-sick Tom Hansen. Zooey Deschanel uses her slightly dreamy, somewhat miserable appearance to mirror her internal charisma as Summer Finn. Their characters seem so ideally matched that it’s a bit of a shock when things don’t work out between them.

(500) Days of Summer presents the perfect resemblance for itself, a greeting card writer who hopelessly falls in love. This film is a heartfelt dose of something wonderful midst a rollercoaster of unpredictably deceiving emotions, tied together with a bit of cinematic charm to capture the most magical moments. Here is a rare film that begins by telling us how it will end.


6 thoughts on “500 Days of Summer – The Charming Summer Romance (2009)

  1. This movie was part of the revival of Jason Gordon Levitt. I have been completely shocked by his acting skills as of late. Even though I’m not a huge fan of Zooey, this movie is very cute.

    • I discovered him through ’10 Things I Hate About You’ and I fell in love with his skills! Thats why I was very excited to see him in this film, and similar to you I was very surprised by his wonderful acting skills 🙂
      Thanks for the feedback, God bless 🙂 xo

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