Battleship – The Infamous Board Game Comes to Life (2012)

Jon Hoeber has recently written an action-packed film based on the infamous Hasbro guessing game, Battleship. Battleship combines Air Force One, Independence day and a strong passion for the Navy to create an effects-driven battle against the forces of evil. Battleship is for those who found Transformers too challenging to watch and prefer a modest film that tests the limits of authenticity.

Alex is a careless slouch who lives with his honorable Navy officer brother, Stone. Shortly Alex wins affection of Sam, a tall and beautiful physiotherapist, the daughter of Navy Admiral Shane. He decides to straighten up and join the Navy, but it’s not long before their Navy ship discovers a large robotic armada in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The Navy put Alex in charge and its up to him to save the day and return to the girl he’s so madly in love with.

The film has some marvellous visual effects but if you’re generally annoyed by plot holes and the concept of high-tech aliens being beaten by low-tech officers then this isn’t the film for you. However, director Peter Berg has layered patriotism and Navy loyalty into a film filled with morals, to recount the incredible sacrifices of fighting for your country.

Taylor Kitsch showcases his maturity as the leading actor with the troubled and agitated Alex. Popular singer Rihanna is surprisingly great in her first acting effort while Brooklyn Decker steals the spotlight through her delivery of charming physiotherapist Sam. Liam Neeson and Alexander Skarsgard raise the acting quality in the cast but often lack character development throughout the film. It takes half an hour before the aliens hit the screen but meanwhile Battleship introduces the fascinating characters and dramatic persona.

Battleship is a big budget action film perfect for fans of the genre. Peter Berg delivers a dubious yet clever retelling of Transformers but manages to improve the character development and special effects. Strong actors accompanied by a skillful soundtrack; sink into the enthusiastic Navel story that is Battleship.


8 thoughts on “Battleship – The Infamous Board Game Comes to Life (2012)

  1. I don’t really agree with many of your sentiments, but I found your mention of a “Navy Loyalty” element interesting. Being non-American, perhaps that part of the movie just didn’t resonate with me, but I think its a good point. There is certainly a glorification of the US Navy within the film, and while I may not have liked Battleship overall, I still think it could be a useful blueprint for any future film about naval warfare.

    • We all have different views and I believe you are right, the film may have been confusing but I still enjoyed in nevertheless 🙂
      Thanks for your opinion I really appreciate it 🙂

  2. I agree with your review. Think of how much more fun the film would have been if they would have involved the entire fleet that was led by Liam Neeson into the fray. That would have been memorable. I still have a question about the aliens strange friend or foe targeting system they left alive anything painted green. So what was there plan if no one would have fought back?

    • It’s quite a confusing film isn’t it? I was often puzzled about characters and the events too 🙂
      I think they could have improved the movie a fair bit just by outlining the specific events better!
      Thanks for the comment 🙂

  3. Any story can be interesting — it just depends on how it’s done! A movie based on a board game, you say? Question mark? lol I still haven’t seen this after so many months, as it always seemed to me to be one of the many watered-down, manufactured Hollywood blockbusters churned out yearly by Tinsel Town (although I am a big fan of Hollywood, mind you). This one seems like a good rental to me. I’ll let you know if I agree or disagree with you soon enough!

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