Skyfall – Action, Adventure and Resurrection (2012)

Sam Mendes recently launched the twenty-third installment in the outstanding James Bond series. Skyfall embodies countless powerful stunts, unique espionage and agonizing conflict. This film explores deeper into Bond’s emotional story in oppose to specifically outlining special effects. People who enjoyed Casino Royale and Quantum Solace instantly valued the new chapter in the James Bond series.

Declared MIA and presumed dead, James Bond resurfaces with another hobby to add to his profile – resurrection. Bond returns to the game to capture a skillful terrorist who hacked the Headquarters of British Intelligence with repulsive images and terrorist threats. However Bond struggles with a middle age crisis, an alcohol problem, a controversial relationship with his supervisor and constant threats from an assignment in Istanbul. He must gather his inner agent and battle to save M and the profound British Intelligence.

Skyfall is a highly peculiar film with stunning visual touches including motorbike racing along the roof of Grand Bazaar and fighting off the precipitous skyscraper in Shanghai. Roger Deakins brings the very best of Cinematography with precise camera placements, lighting and a pitch perfect soundtrack.

Skyfall is a joyous and acute anniversary of the treasured Bond series, with Daniel Craig taking full ownership of his vulnerable espionage agent. Judi Dench portrays fearless agent M, who undergoes a rigorous playback of her disastrous past. Javier Bardem steals the show with his illustration of the exceptionally amusing villain, Silva who delivers each movement and dialogue with force and sincerity. Bond’s love interest is english actress Naomi Harris who is energetic and upright but often lacks a real connection with the audience. However, every actor displayed maturity, craft and ability within their role and enhanced quality of the film in general.

Skyfall is an artistic action film with real purpose and emotional address, a change for anyone who is familiar with preceding James Bond movies. The film has managed to reserve what has always been a beneficial moral of all Bond movies; understanding and accepting who we are. Expect revolutionary on-screen effects, natural charisma, spectacular soundtrack, high imposing angles and unique social content that is the award-winning sensation, Skyfall.


12 thoughts on “Skyfall – Action, Adventure and Resurrection (2012)

  1. I actually liked this movie, much to my surprise! Given that I had hated the Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, I really wasn’t expecting much from this one!

    I think wharmt worked in the movie was the more traditional Bond, not the emotion wreck from the first two movies! Javier Bardem was, as always, exceptional and Judi Dench was awesome. I still don’t like Craig much though. Give me Connery or Brosnan anyday!

    • To be honest I was expecting the same old James Bond movie all over again! Boy was I surprised!!

      I really likes Javier Bardem as I previously mentioned, to me he was the greatest performer from the cast 🙂
      I agree that Craig lacks emotional appeal but he pulled off the role pretty well this time 🙂

      Thanks for the feedback,

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  3. I was disappointed when it didn’t win the Academy Award for best cinematography, I thought it was a very beautiful looking movie. Skyfall was one of my favourites of 2012. Great review Arena, short and to the point.

  4. the sean connery-bond films are largely overrated. if you were to watch them today, you would laugh at the silliness of the villains and especially their “henchmen” or guards. the uniforms and the awful conveniences are beyond belief. i recently rewatched “goldfinger” because i hadn’t seen it since i was a kid back in the 70’s, and i could not believe that i once thought it was a fabulous film. i plan to watch “from russia, with love” and see if the same holds up for that one, also considered a great film.

    • I really enjoyed reading your feedback 🙂
      I completely agree with you after I recently watched “From Russia with Love”. It is quite amusing considering the amount of special effects in Skyfall and other action films nowadays!
      Cheers x

  5. Skyfall is my favorite Daniel Craig Bond movie, because it deals with him as an aging secret agent. he’s lost a step, he can’t shoot straight, he’s definitely wondering if it’s time to call it a day. Bardem really does steal the show, I liked his character, he added a lot of fun to the movie.

    I’m old school about Bond though, I love the Sean Connery Bond, Dr. No, Goldfinger, those are my favorites.

    Here’s my review of Skyfall:

    • I totally agree with you and you couldn’t be more right! Although many people don’t support my decision to watch the old Bond films they are definitely fabulous! The Daniel Craig Bond is quite low key and his character doesn’t show much emotion but this doesn’t stop his charm and talent in the espionage field. Great review you have there friend, keep writing 🙂

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