Silver Linings Playbook – Crime, Chaos and Love (2012)

A bubbly feel-good comedy drama featuring a superb performance from Bradley Cooper as a bipolar man recently released from a mental institution. Silver Linings Playbook was originally adapted from Mathew Quick’s novel published in 2008. Having just followed American Beauty and The Fighter, Director David O’ Russel delivers yet another subtle film. I was pleasantly surprised by the realism factor and genuine on screen chemistry between Cooper and Lawrence. If you enjoy watching drama, comedy and romance all rolled into one spectacular movie, then you’ll most definitely like this film.

After an unfortunate incident with his ex-wife’s lover and a bi polar diagnosis, Pat Solitano spent quality time in a mental institution. After 8 months of intense therapy, Pat embarks on a plan of self improvement with hopes to win back the affection of his ex-wife and set his life back in order. Released into the care of his parents and the local police, Pat discovers he’s not quite ready to be let go yet. Running around the neighbourhood is where he frequently encounters Tiffany, a young widow and a friend of Pat’s ex-wife. Tiffany sees and loves her own problems, and is willing to do the same with Pat.

Director David O’ Russell is an astonishly experienced figure who has had his share of Oscar winning films; American Beauty, Slumdog Millionaire. He creates Silver Linings Playbook with a lighter colour scheme and realistic camera effects. O’ Russel fits in more than enough action to determine that the film never gets stagnant.

Bradley Cooper delivers yet another mature performance leading the cast on a rollercoaster of uncertain emotions. Jennifer Lawrence plays the character of Tiffany with charm, wit and pride, another spectacular performance preceding The Hunger Games. Pat’s parents are played by the perfect pair; Robert DeNiro and Jacki Weaver, both in rare and wonderful form. In addition, Rush Hour’s Chris Tucker delivers some real comedy highlights as an institution buddy. The actors all help to increase purity and improve the plot altogether.

There are certain segments of the film which prove challenging to watch but these situations reminds the audience that mental illness is no laughing matter. Even if this film might sound a little typical of the usual Hollywood rom-com, how Tiffany and Pat fit each other’s crazy is an inspiring and entertaining story of how the right people can be good for each other, even in the unlikeliest of situations. Watch Silver Linings Playbook to see just how two sides of chaos make a pair.


6 thoughts on “Silver Linings Playbook – Crime, Chaos and Love (2012)

  1. the movie caused me thinking about how different reality may be to the people with even slight mental issues
    totally agree with your review, nicely done one

    • Yes you are right! The plot however is amazing and the mental illness part really opened my eyes to the issues we have in this world that i wasn’t entirely aware of previously.

      Thanks for commenting x

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